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21 July 2005 @ 03:56 am
Here we ago once again!
I maintain and moderate (co-mod in some cases) these communities. :D

While the following communities are mostly suitable for all ages, we do get the very occassional entry that requires a little discretion by the reader/viewer:

silent_hill - an old community resurrected now for general discussions about the Silent Hill videogame series. Will undoubtly contain spoilers etc ...

silenthillicons - icons, fan art, banners, graphics, computer/digital art.

artofsilenthill - very similar to silenthillicons except this is a private/friends only community.

silenthillfic - fan fiction, poetry, theories, parodies, RP logs, etc ...

maybesilenthill - photos, fan art, etc; that resembles the buildings and environments of the Silent Hill series.

omgwtfshwhores - a general discussion community for the Silent Hill series which does contain major spoilers etc; for all four games.

(There is also a sister community (also called silenthillicons) for silenthillicons at GreatestJournal.com)

This community is Strictly Adults Only. You must be 17 years and over to be able to join ...

omgwtfsexinsh - Adult themes: smut, sex, more smut, more sex, even more smut, even more sex ... !

As with all communities, please make sure you read the community infopages of each and everyone before you do decide to join them. All communities are very welcoming of new members. Hope to see you there!

Edit: If you have any questions regarding the above listed communities, leave a comment or send an email and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. ^_^
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