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17 February 2008 @ 11:55 pm
An InsaneJournal RPG.  

a silent hill ij-based rp


For the people who are taken to the Otherworld of Silent Hill, life afterwards (indeed, if there is life at all) is changed dramatically. Their fates have been interwoven into the town forever, and eternity can last a very long time.

There is an Afterlife beyond death for these people -- yet it is not Heaven or Hell. Instead, the town they could never escape has reclaimed them, and will hold them inside forever.

The town is very similar to the way it was when they visited: misty and cold, with a thick, heavy fog falling over the town. Snow falls at times but never accumulates, and the streets are dim without the aid of the sun and patrolled by hellish monsters fueled by the town's dark background. And then, at times, untriggered and unpredictable, the town will change -- dark and hot, where rain falls and the aid of a flashlight is the only light one can hope for. In this world, the monsters are larger in number and far more deadly -- and shelter is the best thing to seek.

Your character, after their death, (whether in-game or after their escape from the town) finds themselves back in Silent Hill -- this time forever. If there is an escape from the town, why look for it? What will it lead to? Heaven? Hell? Or simply nothingness?

But being in Silent Hill presents problems, too -- namely, survival. Food and supplies must be found, a stand against the monsters must be taken, and alliances must be formed. If this is punishment from God, then it's one sick version of Purgatory.

We're a brand-new community looking for players! Many parts are still open! Please stop by and give it a look! RP community, associated links of interest and email contact are located at: Silent Afterlife. Thanks for checking it out!

Edit: I'm advertising the Silent Afterlife community here on behalf of some friends of mine. If you want to find out more about the RP and its premise, please make sure you email the SA moderators with your questions, don't direct them to me. Thank you!

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