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12 September 2005 @ 04:31 pm
Silent Hill Icons  
After a little bit of thought I've decided to expand the silenthillicons community by creating a community especially for those members of silenthillicons who are interested in having icon competitions on hopefully a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Rules and competition deals are still being worked out. Current members and new members are invited to join the new community which is located at silenticontest.

I'll be looking for someone to assist in organising and announcing competitions when I'm not available to do so myself. If you're interested in helping out with the new community please let me know. We have the services (I think) of a few banner-makers to make awards for the winners but people who are willing to brainstorm ideas for competition themes are what we really need ... the more fresh ideas, the better!

And yes, I'm the maintainer/moderator of the two above communities and I can be contacted via email at: silenthillcommunities(at)gmail(dot)com

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